Hippocrates Farm is an aspiring agrifood project,started 3 years ago by a team of people of different professional backgrounds but one common goal: To create an open Agro touristic farm, that could be home to excellent natural products  with proven positive effect to the human body and mind but also to offer unique experiences for the farm’s employees, volunteers and visitors.



In Hippocrates Farm we follow the essence of Hippocratic medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. We put it into life, in a piece of fertile land of 20 acres, on the mountains of central Greece, surrounded by emblematic landmarks such as the holly rocks of Meteora and mountain Olympus.

In this farm, we grow absolutely naturally, the best foods Mother Nature can offer to humans. Using stringent procedures and practices for organic farming, we aspire to give the opportunity to different groups of people to share with us the full natural experience, reviving a deserted rural area of unique beauty.

Our vision for Hippocrates farm

Sea Buckthorn. A wonder food

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